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Sinemax Production - Custom Built Trailers for Film Productions, Mobile Office Units, Events, and More.

Customizable Configurations. 12-Week Production Time.
Available anywhere in North America & Internationally.

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  • Custom Trailers Built to Order
  • Every Sinemax Trailer is built to order for your unique needs.

    Whether you need a mobile office unit, lunch room, living quarters, etc., we can custom build to match your requirements. 

    Each trailer is custom built in Ontario, Canada, and available for global delivery. Final deliverable is available in 12 weeks from time of purchase. Multi-unit orders can be manufactured in tandem.  

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  • Custom Actor Trailers

    These custom-built units are built to spec and can range in size, number of rooms, slides, washroom facilities, and more.

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  • Custom Actor Trailers
  • Living Quarters Trailers
  • Custom Living Quarters

    Built to order living quarters can be configured to meet needs such as number of sleeping quarters, kitchen space, washrooms, slides and more.

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  • Wardrobe Trailers

    Customizable wardrobe trailers can be configured by size, number of rooms, optional washroom facilities, slides and more.

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  • Wardrobe Trailers
  • Custom Hair & Makeup Trailers
  • Hair & Makeup Trailers

    Hair and makeup trailers come completely turn-key with optional slides, number of stations, washroom facilities and more.

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  • Mobile Office & Workspace

    Customizable mobile office space with optional slides, built-in desks, conference room, and more.

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  • Custom Mobile OFfice
  • Mobile Washroom Facilities
  • Mobile Washrooms

    Customizable mobile washrooms can be configured by size, number of stations, built-in showers and more.

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Medical Trailer Features & Specifications



From floor to ceiling, each trailer is constructed with the highest quality materials.



Provide us with your unique requirements and we will build to order.

Customizable Sizes

Up to 53' Long 

Our largest units are 53' feet long with slides extending to 23' feet wide.

Self contained


Units can include built-in generators and water allow these units to operate off the grid.

Shipping Globally

Shipping Worldwide

Built in Canada, available across the globe. We can help with shipping and logistics.

Fast Turnaround

12-Week Production

Single or multi-unit orders can be available within 12 weeks of order.

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