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Fleet Evaluation

Evaluating a fleet of production trailers or support vehicles isn’t a job for a general appraiser or insurer - you need a professional with years of experience and knowledge of the numerous factors that determine the value of your investment.

The stakes are high - millions of dollars in potential investment could rest on the appraised value of the fleet you may be considering selling, purchasing or storing. If mistakes are made, your time and money could be at risk. As specialists in the industry, we understand the details involved in this complex process and know how every component used to build the vehicles in your fleet affects overall value. Because your individual circumstances are unique, so are your requirements. We take the stress and confusion out of this complex process and provide you with honest, straightforward advice on how to proceed.

When you work with us, we:

  • Conduct a thorough, top-to-bottom customized assessment including replacement costs, damages incurred in accidents or other incidents, and overall value
  • Explain in clear, plain language the factors that went into your evaluation, how we arrived at our conclusions and what these details mean to you
  • Offer straightforward, candid advice on how to proceed based on the outcome of the evaluation
  • Produce a detailed report outlining the details of our evaluation and review it with you
  • Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements in every contract to protect your privacy

We can assess the value of your fleet and help you find the answers you’re looking for. Contact us today.

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