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Medical Units

As a Custom Builder of Specialty Towable Trailers & Fifth Wheels for over 25 years, RBD offers custom design & manufacturing service to the Mobile Medical & Health Care Industry.

RBD can create a Mobile Medical Trailer specifically designed for your healthcare specialty. RBD Workforce Mobile Medical Trailers can help you in providing mobile services to your patients outside your existing brick & mortar location and your normal service area.

Our towable Mobile Medical Trailers offer several advantages over a motorized motor home chassis: The initial investment is far less and when not in use. You don’t have a motorized chassis depreciating in value. Your tow vehicle can be used as a transportation vehicle while the medical unit is fully functional. Mechanical serving of the tow vehicle can be done during the course of a work day as your mobile unit is producing income. Towable units offer lower floor levels making it easier to enter & exit the unit for your patient. Wheelchair Accessible Lifts are available on all models.

These are some areas that we are capable of supplying the Health & Medical Industry with customer specific Mobile units: Mobile Health Clinics, Mobile Hearing or Vision Testing Clinics, Mobile Dental, Diagnostic Centers, Mental Health or Counseling Clinics or any specialty you may offer to expand your business to new markets without the costs of adding addition physical locations. The possibilities are unlimited.

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